Pasture Raised Pork: Pastured

Our pork is naturally more tender and juicy than conventional pork, lower in calories and fat, higher in Omega 3’s, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA’s) and Vitamin E and Beta Carotene because of how it is raised. Pastured pork is heart healthy, delicious, and comes with natural disease fighting defenses. All smoked product is done “all natural” which means the only nitrates or nitrites that are added in the process are ones that naturally occur in celery salt and beet juice. Our pigs are never given any vaccinations or anti-biotics, which are immuno-depressant, no growth hormone implants or shots, which are essentially steroids for faster weight gain. As seasonally available, the pigs are rotated through our lush, green, clover-rich pastures and natural woodlands, helping to produce ecologically enhanced soils which produce highly nutritious forages the pigs feed on in turn producing a premium pastured pork of the highest nutritional quality. During winter months, hogs are raised outdoors in an open ended hoop house which provides them with shelter from the elements and plenty of fresh air and natural sunlight. Fresh bedding is added weekly and they have free choice access to all the Non-GMO hog feed that they want. The hogs root in the wood chips and straw making unbelievable compost that we spread on our pastures in the spring.

1/4 Pork Bundle

Comes in (1) 36-38 LB Case 2 Cubic Foot of Freezer Space

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