We raise beyond organic food by never using chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, and by letting our animals freely range in our pastures and woodlots as much as seasonally possible.  There are many choices out there for your food dollar so why us?  The following are the guiding principles we live by.

Transparency:  Anyone is welcomed to ask questions, visit our farm or the farms we work with, to ask and see how the animals are raised.

Community:  We do not ship food.  We believe by knowing our customers and by our customers knowing us, we build community.  We are inspired to continue raising healthy food and heal the land and customers are inspired to tell their friends about us and continue supporting us with their food dollar.

Natural Tendencies:  Our methods mimic the natural tendencies of animals to feed and move as they do in nature.  We want the pig to be a pig, the cow to be a cow and so on.  The result of this when managed properly is the building of soil and grasslands while raising, clean, nutrient dense food.

Grass Centered:  Grass is the heart of everything we do.  We move livestock through our system of fields and wood lots which rejuvenates and improves the soil.

Respect:  We raise our livestock and poultry with complete reverence and respect.  This is put into action by giving them the healthiest environment possible to live and grow while being a natural part of the landscape.  Unlike other methods, the community and our neighbors are not negatively impacted by the mass spreading of animal waste as there is no need because the animals do it themselves as we move them over the land.  No confinement eyesores or obnoxious air.

Connectedness:  We believe that everything is connected to everything else.  We cannot in good conscious raise animals for food without taking into account the effect our methods have on the animals themselves, the land, the community, and our health.  We intend to leave this planet better than we found it for the next 7 generations.

The Grass Feather

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