Seven Sons Family Farms was established in 2000 by Lee & Beth Hitzfield and their seven sons. Our mission is simple: to produce nutrient-dense foods that heal and nourish our land and those who eat of its bounty. 

30 years ago we operated a strictly conventional farm raising confinement animals for IBP and Tyson Foods. However, as a result of a family health crisis, we later became keenly aware of the problems that plague our conventional food system.
We have come to the belief that how we manage our soil, plants and animals will directly affect the health of those who consume the products of our farming choices.

In the late 1990s we embarked on a radical journey to transition to a regenerative pasture based farm. Due to overwhelming support from our loyal patrons, our vision was eventually realized as a farm-to-fork food venture that serves thousands of families with nutrient-dense foods grown from healthy regenerative soils. 

Seven Sons Family Farms

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