1/8 Beef Box 35 LBS

1/8 Beef Box 35 LBS

142 4oz portions

Beef Bundles are back!  We have added a few things and re designed based on feedback.  Stock up to ensure grass fed goodness throughout the year. Beef Bundles will be available in October but place your order today.   We will charge a $100 deposit per 1/8 bundle to hold for you but will not charge the balance until we deliver.  

Each 1/8 bundle is approximately 50% ground and 50% steaks and roasts.  All cuts come individually vacuum packed and frozen. 2 cubic feet of freezer space needed for 1/8 beef.  Looking for a quarter?  Order (2) 1/8 Bundles!

1/8th Beef Box Contains:

(4.5 lbs) Steaks:

2  (8 oz.) Sirloin Steak
2  (10 oz.) NY Strip Steak
2  (12 oz.) Delmonico Steak
2  (6 oz.) Filet Mignon Steak

(7 lbs) Crock Pot:

2  (2 lb.) Chuck Roast
4  (12 oz. pkgs.) Beef Meat for Stew

(24 lbs) Ground:

16  (1 lb. pkgs) Ground Beef
4  (1 lb. pkgs.) Ground Sirloin
16  (4 oz.) Ground Beef Patties

Is a 1/8th of Beef Right for You?

Use the chart below to calculate how long an 1/8th of beef will last for your household.

Equivalent Adult Consumers:      2 Adults     3 Adults         4 Adults        5 Adults

Light Beef Consumption 
          6 months    3.5 Months    2.75 Months   2.5 Months

Moderate Beef Consumption     4.5 Months   3 Months      2.25 Months   2 Months

Staple Diet Beef Consumption   3.5 Months    2.5 Months   1.75 Month   1.5 Months

Based on average annual American beef consumption of 67 pounds per person.

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